Know what it costs to restore hope, health and happiness to an orphan?

About two minutes of time and $30 a month. Talk about a small investment with immeasurable returns.

Sponsor the M.O.M orphanage or school now!

In 2006, Zoya Ministries had the privilege of visiting the Ministry of Mercy Orphanage in a remote village of Nigeria which currently houses over 300 children. The M.O.M sponsoring program was created to help meet the basic physical needs of these orphans.

We have extended the sponsoring to the children in the Nueva Guinea school in Nicaragua, the children in Arms of Jesus school in Cap-Rouge, Haiti and the children in the Arms of Jesus school in Parramos Guatemala.

When you sponsor the orphanage, or the schools, 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphanage or schools.

Zoya ministries is a 501(c)3 organization and your gifts are tax deductible!


As a sponsor, you will be given the unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to children in need. Many of these children lack the basic necessities to survive and your sponsorship will provide nutritious meals, medical care and a save shelter for the children.

  • Just complete the application and payment method page and submit the appropriate payment. » Check the online donation form
  • You will then receive periodical update on the progress of the projects in the orphanage or community sponsored, their day to day challenge and opportunities as well as the special needs they may have


There are many ways you can help Zoya Ministries and its Sponsoring program. Here’s a few we suggest

Join our Facebook page to help us spread the word about the needs of the orphans at the M.O.M.

When you sponsor the orphanage, you are providing food, shelter, medical care, clothing and an education . » Check the online donation form
There are many needs at the orphanages Zoya supports that go far beyond the orphanage sponsoring. » Visit the Gift Catalog to see other ways you can give
These orphanages are in desperate need of additional staff & missionaries to assist them in their day to day tasks as well as short term projects. Please contact Zoya Ministries for more information on how to become a short or long term missionary at one of the orphanages Zoya supports. » Contact Zoya Ministries today


How much can I give each month?

You may email us and indicate the amount over and above $30 that you would like to donate each month via credit card or ACH debit.

Does my full donation go to sponsor the orphanage or school?

Yes.  100% of your donation goes to sponsor the orphanage or orphanage.  If you are paying by credit card, then approximately 5% is used for processing fees.

How long will my sponsorship continue?

You will have the opportunity to continue sponsoring them for as long as you wish.

The orphanage or school do not run out of children to support. New born babies arrive to the orphanage on a regular basis.  And children stay at the orphanage until they have completed college and can support themselves. For those children with disabilities who are unable to care for themselves and will remain at M.O.M. Orphanage. For the schools new students get in board every year.

How is the orphanage or schools benefiting from my monthly contribution?

The sponsorship money you send is added to that of other people who sponsor the M.O.M. Orphanage or schools.  Your support enables Zoya Ministries to provide benefits such as education, health care, basic food and nutrition for the children.  It also provides the children with Bibles and also help supporting the spiritual nourishment of the children.

What do I receive when I sponsor the orphanage or schools?

You will receive periodical update on the progress of the projects in the orphanage or community sponsored, their day to day challenge and opportunities as well as the special needs they may have.

Can I sponsor a specific child ?

Your donation goes toward the orphanage. But all donation are exclusively used for the children.

 Can I send gifts to the orphanage?

We understand your desire to send gifts to the children at the orphanage or students. However, Zoya Ministries recommends that no packages be sent due to the following reasons:

  • Very expensive to ship a package to the various countries
  • Slow delivery
  • Possibility of loss, theft or damage
  • Difficulty getting packages to children in isolated villages
  • Possibility of tension created among the children by one child receiving numerous or expensive gifts

Can I visit the orphanage or schools?

Yes.  In fact, we encourage you to visit the orphanage or schools.  If you would like to make arrangements to travel to meet them, please contact Zoya Ministries for more information contactus@zoyausa.org

What if I need to stop sponsoring the orphanage or schools?

If you need to stop sponsoring you must submit a request in writing and mail it to Zoya Ministries, Attn:Zoya Ministries’ Sponsoring program, 11625 Custer Road #110-170 Frisco, TX 75035.  Please include the date in which you wish to have the sponsorship terminated.

Is my monthly donation tax deductible?

Yes.  Zoya Ministries is a 501© 3 non-profit organization.  Your donation is deductible based on the normal federal tax regulations.