Giving Thanks in all things

Zoya Ministries is so Thankful

As we begin to prepare for the Thanksgiving celebrations here in the United States, the Zoya Ministries team would like to pause and express our sincere gratitude to all who have supported our work financially, given of their precious time and talents, donated items for the mission trips or prayed for the work we do at Zoya Ministries. Your continuous support has enabled us carry out our mandate to be the hands and feet of Jesus .

For God is not unjust: He will not forget  your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them (Heb 6:10)

More Protein in our Diet!

Thanks to all our donors, the kids at the MoM are so grateful!

The kids at the Ministry of Mercy are so grateful for recent gifts that made it possible for them to buy a cow to eat! Your continued financial support is making it possible for the children to eat more balanced meals.

Zoya Ministries is committed to renovating and re-stocking the fish pond at Otutulu and Lokoja so that the kids can have a regular supply of fish.

Next Phase in the Fishpond Project!

Our goal is to raise $10K towards stage 2 of the fishpond project. This project involves building and stocking a second fish pond to promote self sustainability in the Ministry of Mercy and increase the children’s protein intake.

What Would Jesus Do?

Here is a rare case that the MoM had to attend to. The young girl was in so much pain and her parents were at their wit’s end. The girl’s Mother said . “I have nobody to help me”. The young girl pleaded with Daniel as she was in such pain, Her brother was willing to sell himself to help his sister. Thankfully the MoM staff were able to get her medical attention and she is now receiving treatment to reduce the pain and will shortly be receiving chemo treatment.

Urgent Repairs still required at the MoM.

Want to know how you can help?

There are still lots of repairs and renovation to be done at the MoM. Below is a list of the more pressing repairs:

  • The roofing sheets of the female hostel needs to be replaced and part of the foundation of the female hostel needs reinforcement
  • The wooden swings at the Otutulu and Lokoja facilities are being eaten up by termites and need to be replaced with galvanized poles.
  • The kitchen sheds need to be replaced and the plumbing system needs maintenance.

Although the fence is now almost 80% – 90% complete, there is still more work to be done at both facilities. Since security is of great importance, completing the fence is an immediate priority. The budget for completing the fence is ~$20K.