Guatemala 2015


It has been an honor to work hand in hand with you for our Lord and Savior Jesus in Guatemala in August. It is amazing to see what could be accomplished when we are obedient to God’s call and animated by the desire to serve His cause. 

Seeing God’s glory

Thank you for giving me during these 10 days, the opportunity to see God’s glory through each of the 15 team members that embarked upon the mission trip for 10 days in August. I saw Jesus love, kindness, and care poured out on the children, their parents, and Arms OJesus children’s mission staff in Parramos, Guatemala. I heard the word of God shared in Love many times and a lot of prayers lifted up to the Lord. Over 664 patients were seen by the doctors over the 5 days of clinic and prayed for. There was no doubt that God’s physical and spiritual healing was at work in this Guatemalan community. 

GOD’s blessings

God blessed us tremendously by leading our path during the mission trip, with safe transportation, with favor with the Custom’s Officials, unity among the team, with an abundance of love poured on us by the local AOJ team, with a deeper knowledge of Him through the study of His word, and with plenty of fun time. 

The mission trip is not completely finished…

My hope is that God will keep fervent, in the heart of everyone who was involved in the mission trip, the love and compassion for the people in Guatemala.  That we will continue to support the ones we met through prayers and that we will continue to believe for their physical and spiritual healing. In addition, through monthly financial support and specific projects, our partnership with  AOJ Guatemala  will be strengthened.  May the Lord continue to use Zoya Ministries to advance His Kingdom in Guatemala.

The mission trip is not completely finished… Please share images and testimonies with your family members, your neighbors and co-workers. Through this some may be drawn to Christ or their relationship with Him deepened.

Thank you again for your commitment and sacrifice. With your financial support, your prayers, your hands and feet we were able to prepare for and go to Guatemala. You also gave us the opportunity to show God’s glory and to give thanks to Him.


The medical clinic was held in the Arm’s of Jesus children’s mission school.
Over 660 patients were seen by the doctors: children, parents and staff.


Several times a day, the word of God was shared to the children and the parents waiting in line. The Gospel was preached. The parents and children were discipled.
We prayed for each person who visited the clinic.